The Rockingham Trough Seat is an adaption of our Rockingham Trough Planter, with the addition of a beautiful wooden topped bench. The combination of light wood, weathering metal and greenery makes a striking statement for your outdoor space!!


Not only is the Rockingham Trough Seat a treat for the eyes, but also for the body, sitting in close proximity to metal, wood and earth while the fresh air washes over you is a particularly relaxing experience.


The Rockingham Trough Seat is a long cuboid shaped planter that allows for a multitude of planting options, combined with a further steel cuboid, topped with smooth wooden slats perfect for resting on.


The Rockingham Trough Seat comes in Corten steel. Corten or “weathering” steel, organically evolves to its environment, producing a vibrant orange patina, which not only protects the steel but creates a stunning finish. Our planters can be delivered in an un-weathered, partly weathered or fully weathered state.


All of our products are handmade by our talented team in the Midlands.


Size: 240cm x 60cm x 50cm

Paint colours: Pewter grey hammer finish, Black hammer finish, Anthracite grey, Other RAL colours are available on request.