Drumbecue Original Charcoal BBQ Drum Smoker

Drumbecue Original Charcoal BBQ Drum Smoker


Drumbecue PRO

The Drumbecue PRO is the barbecue being used by all the professional. 
The Drumbecue Original is the leading oil drum barbecue. The multi functional barbecue can be used as a pan cooker (indirect), grilling and searing (direct) and low and slow (smoking). Recommended for professionals and catering / restaurants. The Drumbecue PRO comes equipped with 5mm heavy duty steel water cut cooking grills, Competition Tel - Tru adjustable, and the Drumbecue pull out fire box. 
The Drumbecue pull out fire box gives the user complete access to the charcoal and smoking divider without having to open the main lid. This prevents the barbecue from losing heat / smoke when topping up with charcoal and allows for continued use if using for a service or a long low and slow cook.
The Drumbecues design means that no assembly is required to operate the barbecue. It also comes complete with safety catch hinges, charcoal ash catcher and a lock in system to make the Drumbecue the ultimate barbecuing machine.
Whats Included
Heavy duty steal drum including:
3 inch Tel - Tru competition thermometer
Steel leg support
2 x Heavy duty 5mm steel water cut cooking grills
External sliding charcoal box with fire grate, ash catcher and smoking divider
Drumbecue damper
Standard shipping included


Detailed Specification

  • External Drumbecue diameter: 27" / 233cm
  • External Drumbecue length including chimney and handles: 40" / 101cm
  • Main Cooking Area: 33" / 84cm
  • Secondary Cooking Area: 33" / 84cm
  • Weight: 65Kg
  • Height: 48" / 122cm
  • Colour: Black Powder Coated 


Barbecue Specification & Features 

  • Manufactured from new high strength steel
  • Finished throughout with a weather resistant powder coated finish, Making our barbecues extremely durable.
  • Heavy duty & long lasting
  • Two large 5mm laser cut cooking areas
  • Easy cleaning with the Drumbecue pull out charcoal ash tray
  • Collapsible folding stand, that can be store inside the barbecue when transpoting
  • Weather proof handles 
  • Charcoal smoking divider