The Circle of Life Planter is a brilliantly contained space in which you can plant and grow whatever fruit, veg or herbs your heart desires. You can’t beat picking your own organically grown produce and enjoying it the very same day.


We have created our Circle of life planter in the interest of permaculture and a self-sufficient lifestyle, allowing gardens of almost any size to grow their own produce, doing away with the food miles and chemical pesticides. The circular design creates a perfect bed for nurturing and growing vegetables, fruits and herbs. The planter is divided into 3 sections, each section is self-contained and separated by a metal divider wall.


The planter features a taller central section for storing compost and soil, with the words ‘veg’, ‘fruit’ and ‘herbs’ cut into the metal to indicate the use of each section. The compost and soil from the central compost store can be shovelled out and used as required from the top, or alternatively it will feed gradually from the bottom into each of the 3 sections as required. The Circle of Life planter comes in a Corten steel semi weathered state or can be painted for an additional fee.


Size: 150cm diameter x 450cm high


All of our products are handmade by our talented team in rural Leicestershire.

Paint colours: Pewter grey hammer finish, Black hammer finish, Anthracite grey, Other RAL colours are available on request.